: placeholder for future coexistence


“…only an entity which, as futural, is equiprimordial in the process of having-been, can, by handing down to itself the possibility it has inherited, taken over its own throwness and be in the moment of vision for ‘its time’. …” 1x1“Being and Time” by Martin Heidegger

from 03.03.2021.

Located at Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden, Istanbul

The work is part of the exhibition
“Tempo Incognito: On Flows, Rhythms, and Movements”
curated by Rana Öztürk
At “Depo” Istanbul
03.03. – 18.04.2021

for lack of better words


i awaken my vegetal heritage

and become a perennial synonym


smelling of extinct flowers

forever attracting melancholic moths


i am a blossom, the bloom of the carcass                                                                             

human identity undressed by enzymes in a multivocal requiem 


an orgiastic appointment

and a cosmic act of intimacy between strangers


 i too am        an abandoned metaphor 

a mass extinction event


               for the pleasure of togetherness

                                                                                                   sharing my corporeal cultures



in a generosity called love                                               

                                   love that is equal to grief                  


      merely a self dissolving into a relationship                        into the existence of multiple meanings

changing the chemical bonds                                                

.                  in the failure to translate you 

i give into the diversity 

and      speak in six hundred languages

 of all the species in my mouth

words slowly germinating deep in my gut

and linger in the aftertaste

of personal history written in a language i cannot read


a parasitic invasion brought about by rising blood pressure   , 

which only compares to the season of spring    .



 emergence gains new multiple meanings


                                                   i am thinking     ,

                            which has taken form

but has not yet been formulatedd



a riddle of life playing scrabble with me. i speak to you 

             that way.            assembled, guessed, 

     using the letters of my dna 

and yours 

    ,                  and in contingent relations       


leafing through

sentences of green mudras

googling in vain

somewhere near infinity, i stop looking for the right simile

to describe                                                                                                   how

 plant is a verb,

                          human is a verb                               ,

     time is a verb                                                                              ,

our names have a common root

the mother tongue of what matters




                                                                             down                 in a breakdance  

of planetary spins

and seasonal beats

painfully slow                                                                   .


a worm

burrowing in the chapters of strata

i am the reverberation of the music by tectonic plates

that you can hear in the cracks where plants feed on deep time


these are the futures that can be anticipated

glimpses into the cracks of time

with my ghost limbs

i feel every dying bee                                                        

yearning for the touch of my extinct pollinator

the dialect of labellum pronounces the female bee

                                                                        tongue buzzing in sweet satisfaction

for lack of better

in other        words                                                                                                     biotope

is an endangered future tense

fossilized in the imagination

rudely out of reach 


i will have been extinct before you get here again

when you did


you will experience me only as a warmth on a vacated seat, smell of the river travelling off shore     ,copyright expired

the anticipation of a memory

of undiscovered species gone extinct

present reality that causes a slight glitch in the flow of time                   ,

as always, overflowing 

like writing in the margins                            the excess of meaning


what would you call the aftertaste of a feeling 


the presence after someone has left?  that. that would be me 

              i will be there                                             in time


           that dances with mountains


when that time comes

like a word at the tip of the tongue

i will be there

    at least for that 

brief   –   but   let   us          hope,                    expandable  –         period of astonishment 


// hyperlinked future








page not found


the time touched me like that, out of place,    

and my flesh responded 

in the way slugs respond to touch


i can almost reach you

on twitter feeds

through hyphae threads                                     …

i am a pleasure of thought on a pop up window 

like a mushroom on a rotting log

offering you to join my mailing list

let’s stay in touch




This multifaceted project that talks about coexistence of various creatures in the future ecosystem has joined people from various disciplines.


Linda Boļšakova


Scientific guidance

Dr. İsmail Gökhan Deniz


3D Animation

Līga Vēliņa


Artistic direction

Linda Boļšakova



Krists Kondrāts

Photos & Videos

Dr. İsmail Gökhan Deniz, Linda Boļšakova



Linda Boļšakova


Text editor

Richard Thompson



Marina Papazyan



Alican Çamci

Thanks to:

Agija Šaknere, Valentina Pimanova,

  • For obtaining salep raw material, the orchid plants are collected before or during the flowering phase, and after the tuber is removed, the plants are discarded. Because of this, the plants are unable to develop, to fruit and produce seeds, therefore future generations are also destroyed.
  • The first Ophrys lycia orchids were found in 1980 in the village of Ağullu in the Kaş district of Antalya.
  • In Turkey, wild orchids are seriously threatened, mainly by habitat loss.
  • The orchid family is among the most threatened ones on a global scale.
  • An ovary may contain as many as 6,000 seeds.
  • Their inflorescence bears from few to many bisexual flowers.
  • As perennials, most terrestrial orchid species need stable ecological conditions to survive. However, because they have underground storage parts and form a symbiosis with fungi, they can inhabit relatively poor soils, and compete with other plants for resources.
  • An unprecedented threat for wild orchids in Turkey is the harvesting for the production of salep (a hot drink that includes orchid tubers), estimated to destroy more than 120 million orchids each year.
  • Two special protection areas of 100 acres each were established in the Antalya region.
  • Salep products are commercially available in supermarkets.
  • For every kilogram of dry salep powder, approximately 1,000 orchid tubers are needed.
  • Ophrys lycia prefer alkaline, limestone derived soils, and are usually found in disturbed land, like burnt areas, old olive groves, abandoned farmland, road sideways, etc.
  • Only certain fungal taxa can aid the germination of a certain orchid species.
  • Turkey is also one of the richest countries in Europe and the Middle East regarding the Orchidaceae family.
  • Recent studies based on molecular genetics estimate that the orchid family is about 100 million years old, a figure that is in agreement with its global distribution and abundance of species.
  • Pollination in the genus Ophrys is highly specialised. Their flowers closely mimic female bees or wasps (hence the common name “bee orchid” for Ophrys apifera), providing the scent that exactly mimics the insect pheromones, and the appropriate visual colours and patterns, as well as tactile (hair) signals.
  • The reason for the huge diversity of orchids in the region is a result of geological connections and later separations.
  • There are 951 Lycia Ophrys individuals in 3 villages in the whole world.